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For our November cover, Polyester commissioned writer, comedian and actor Jordan Firstman to interview Trisha Paytas, one of the internet’s longest standing creators, at home in California.
“I don’t think there has been a day that has gone by in the last 3 years where I haven’t thought about Trisha Paytas, or consumed some of her body of work in some way shape or form.
She’s the one person that my algorithm knows not to hide from me. Others come and go, but Trisha is for life. And for so many this is true. Trisha is for life. When I found out Polyester was doing a cover with Trisha, I immediately begged to interview her. When it was confirmed, I posted to my close friends and I got more congratulations messages from my friends than any project I have ever worked on. It was a big deal for me. There’s something about Trisha on the internet that is both completely unfiltered and candid while also remaining mysterious and unknowable.
Trisha IRL is almost identical to the Trisha we know now online, but with an added warmth. She is ditzy and smart at the same time. Not ever trying to be funny, but almost constantly laugh out loud hilarious. I came a stan and left a bigger stan. Below is our freewheeling, at times chaotic, conversation, which took place at her home. Trisha for life.”
– Jordan Firstman

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